Consultation - OP2050 What Future Do We Want?

The consultation on the Oxfordshire 2050 Plan (Reg 18 Part 2) is running until 8 October. This consultation will be critical in setting the growth targets and areas for growth for the county for the next generation.

Need not Greed Oxfordshire believes that all the growth options presented are excessive and that

➜ the need is not for more housing, but for more affordable housing;

➜ focusing so much development in the South East between Oxfordshire and Cambridge will make 'levelling up' the rest of the country impossible; and

➜ development on this scale will make a zero carbon, green and sustainable future for Oxfordshire impossible.

Please see the attached flyer which sets out our concerns in more detail.

More information, including a template response email, is also available on the NNGO website:

Posted: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 10:16 by Liz Cruse

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