Ox All In Bulletin - 17th May 2021

Ox All In Bulletin - 17th May 2021

As our roadmap out of lockdown sees more relaxation of restrictions from today, we have summarised what this means below. Also, let us celebrate our local heroes - please do get voting.

Read on for:

  • New rules from Today
  • Register now for a webinar for those working with children and young people.
  • Nominations open for Covid-19 heroes
  • Oxfordshire Libraries e-book short stories
  • Dementia Action week - this week
  • Scams imitating Royal Mail
  • Register now for webinar on Solving Homelessness
  • Keep up to date through our Facebook group
  • Link to all previous CSG Bulletins here.
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The Oxfordshire All In Team

Monday 17th May

New Rules from Today

For ease of finding them, here are the new rules from today.

Obviously, people are being urged to still be cautious, wash their hands and observe social distancing. Be aware that not everyone will be as willing as you might be to mingle with other people yet - be respectful of their wishes, especially if they are elderly, vulnerable or have not been vaccinated.

  • Indoor hospitality can reopen and indoor entertainment can resume, including cinemas, museums, and children's play areas.
  • Up to six people or two households will be able to meet indoors and up to 30 people outdoors.
  • All remaining outdoor entertainment can reopen, such as outdoor cinemas and performances. Some larger events will be able to take place, including conferences, theatre and concert performances, and sports events. Restrictions on the number of attendees will remain as set out in the roadmap.
  • Guidance on meeting family and friends will be updated. The public can make informed, personal decisions on close contact, such as hugging, with their friends and family. Close contact continues to carry a risk of catching or spreading COVID-19, and people must consider the risk to themselves and to others. COVID-secure rules remain for the workplace and businesses, such as in shops and hospitality.
  • International travel can begin to safely reopen from 17 May, allowing people to go on foreign holidays to 'green' list countries. Strict border control measures will remain in place, including pre-departure tests and a PCR test on or before day two of their arrival back in the UK. The rules and the countries on the green list can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england.
  • Face coverings will no longer be needed in classrooms or for students in communal areas in secondary schools and colleges. Twice weekly home testing will remain to control infection rates.
  • Remaining University students will be eligible to return to in-person teaching and learning from 17 May, and should get tested twice a week upon return.
  • Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions, and commemorative events including wakes, as well as standalone life-cycle events. These can take place outdoors or at any indoor COVID secure venue that is permitted to open. The number of people able to attend a funeral will be determined by the number that can be safely accommodated in the venue with social distancing in place.
  • Organised adult sport and exercise classes can resume indoors and saunas and steam rooms may reopen.
  • Care homes residents will be able to have up to five named visitors, with two visitors able to attend at once provided they are tested and follow infection control measures. Residents will also have greater freedoms to leave their home without having to isolate on their return.
  • You should continue to work from home if you can.
Information on testing and how to get hold of a test can be found here:


Free Webinar - Oxfordshire Youth in Mind

Join us for a free online webinar aimed at those working with children and young people.

Monday 14th June 2021; 1:30 – 3pm

We cannot truly support one and other if we do not have the support of our own wellbeing as a foundation. We are acutely aware of the challenges that have faced us over the past year. At Youth in Mind, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of wellbeing in our lives, every day, and especially during a time of crisis.

We want to offer you an enjoyable and practical online event that will leave you feeling resourced and inspired.

Using Mind's five ways to wellbeing for inspiration, you can expect creative and reflective exercises, guidance from Youth Mental Health Ambassadors, inspirational speakers and practitioners in this afternoon of gentle participation...

  • Connect,
  • Be Active,
  • Take Notice,
  • Learn,
  • Give
...are the five ways to wellbeing, and they offer a simple and enjoyable way to take care of your wellbeing.

To book your FREE spot, please register by clicking here:

Nominations open for Oxfordshire's "Covid-19 heroes" awards

The number of nominations for awards to honour those Oxfordshire people who have played a key part in the local response to COVID-19 have been steadily rising since April when first launched.

The new High Sheriff for Oxfordshire, Imam Monawar Hussain, is inviting award nominations to honour those who have played an important role in the county's local response to the pandemic.

The awards have been set up to celebrate those that Oxfordshire has the most to thank since March 2020 when COVID-19 led to the first lockdown. While there has been great suffering and sadness caused by the pandemic, there have been many tales of hope and heroism.

Imam Hussain became the new High Sheriff in April and says he feels there are people who deserve more recognition for their efforts during the period of the pandemic.

He said: "I have myself witnessed bravery and heroism and I have spoken to many others who say the same thing. People have routinely gone way beyond the call of duty to do their bit.
"There are heart-warming stories of kindness, love and sheer hard work from across our communities often despite personal risk.

"I want to shine a light on these stories by making these awards. They can be to individuals, voluntary groups or businesses. I would be grateful for the help of people from across Oxfordshire in terms of nominations of those who have carried out exceptional acts. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel someone deserves recognition."

To nominate, email oxfordshire@highsheriffs.com for an application form.

Judging will take place during early Summer with an awards ceremony to be arranged in July.

Winners revealed in Oxfordshire libraries' e-book short story competition

A darkly comedic satire on the themes of greed and ego and an atmospheric, cinematic horror story has been chosen as the winners of Oxfordshire County Council's library service's short story competition 2021.

For the first time, the contest featured winners in three age ranges and included a new junior short story category, open to ages 5 - 11.

Winner of the adult short story category was Hannah Blanton for her story 'The Gingerbread Man', a darkly comedic satire on the themes of greed and ego, with a macabre sensibility. The Oxfordshire libraries judges were almost unanimous in their decision selecting Hannah as the adult category winner.

Hannah said: "It was such a surprise when I learned that my story had been chosen as the winner! It feels great to know that the judges enjoyed reading my story, and I hope others enjoy reading it too. I've always enjoyed creative writing and winning the competition has inspired me to keep writing more."

The young adult category winner 'Nightmares' by Meredith Corley was chosen for its confident style and powerful impact. Meredith's atmospheric horror story was praised for its vivid and cinematic style, subtly building up the tension to its deadly, grotesque conclusion.

The junior short story winner was Erin Ellis with a lockdown-inspired dog story called 'Marvellous Max and the Choccy Whoccy Woof Bar,' which blends comedy, surrealism and a magically inclined dog to take the judges on a laugh out loud adventure.

The competition, now in its seventh year, is all part of Oxfordshire County Council's commitment to thriving communities – helping people live safe, healthy lives and play an active part in their communities.

Download the winning stories:

To see what made Hannah, Erin and Meredith this year's outstanding authors and ensure them pride of place alongside national bestsellers, visit the Oxfordshire Library eBook webpage here:


Or the Overdrive app https://oxfordshire.overdrive.com/.

Dementia Action Week
17-23 May 2021

Nearly 1 million people with dementia and their families are struggling to get the support and care that they need and deserve. Until things change, a dementia diagnosis will keep claiming more than one life.

The term 'dementia' is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. Symptoms of dementia include loss of memory, confusion and problems with speech and understanding.

The Alzheimer's Society, the UK's leading dementia charity, is calling on the Government to cure the care system now.

Watch and share their short film, showing the impact the broken social care system has on carers. Without support, dementia claims more than one life.

Sign their petition.

Visit https://bit.ly/3tHtV1M to sign the petition to reform social care.
If you need dementia support, get personalised information, support and advice by calling the Alzheimer's Society Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456 or visit them at https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/.

If you are a carer in Oxfordshire needing support, contact Carers Oxfordshire on their Carersline:
Telephone: 01235 424 715
Website: https://www.carersoxfordshire.org.uk/

Warning over 'highly convincing' Royal Mail scam targeting your details

Royal Mail has issued a fresh warning over scams attempting to steal your personal details.

Customers have taken to social media to share examples of scammers using highly "sophisticated tactics" to defraud the public.

The scam involves recipients receiving either a text message or an email that appears to be from Royal Mail.

The message states that there was an attempt to deliver a parcel made, and you are instructed to click a link in order to reschedule the delivery.

'Highly convincing'

The text message in question says: "Royal Mail: Your package has been held and will not be delivered due to a £1.99 unpaid shipping fee."

Another similar version of this text also reads: "Royal Mail: Please pay your dispatch fee immediately at [link] or your letter will be returned to sender."

Both versions provide a link for the recipient to click in order to pay their fee, which is a scam designed to lure victims into sharing their bank details.

Royal Mail states: "Please don't click on any links and be vigilant if you receive a communication which you aren't sure about."

Tony Pepper, CEO of cybersecurity firm Egress, said: "As the world continues to rely on digital communication channels wherever possible, we've seen an inevitable surge in phishing activity over the last year, with cybercriminals sending out highly convincing emails posing as trusted organisations.

"Unfortunately, these recent emails claiming to be from the Royal Mail are part of the latest scheme aimed at tricking people into parting with their money – and in many cases are using incredibly sophisticated tactics to do so."

Never follow any links in SMS messages

Ray Walsh, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy, advised, "Anybody in the UK that receives a text message purporting to be from a delivery service must remember that it could be a scam and that they should never follow any links contained in SMS messages or provide their information to the sender.

"If you are expecting a parcel and have not received it yet, contact the retailer or delivery service directly to rectify it and ignore any incoming messages that attempt to make you part with personal information.

"Scammers use cleverly worded messages that employ urgency to trick their victims, so if you get a text message that tells you to act quickly to secure your parcel it is vital not to panic or you could end up having your data stolen."

How to spot a scam

There are a number of ways that you can spot a scam or fake message. Things to look out for include:

  • Checking the 'from' address - is it from a company or organisation, or from a random email address? It should be worth noting that scammers often change their names to make the emails look like they're from a legitimate company, but it's always worth checking
  • Is the greeting impersonal? Royal Mail says that fraudsters "often use subjects or greetings that are impersonal and general"
  • Is there poor spelling, grammar or presentation? While scammers are getting better at making their messages look more professional, a more common thing to look out for is a lack of consistency in the email, like different font styles or sizes, and mismatching logos
  • If you're unsure about the message you've received in any way, you should always err on the side of caution.
  • Reach out to the company that is supposedly trying to communicate with you in a way that is completely separate from the message.
  • Don't use any phone numbers, email address or linked websites. Instead, search for the company and use a different number or email address, from its website for example.

The Royal Mail has been the target of scammers and fraudsters before, and as such, has compiled helpful advice about staying safe.

Royal Mail says:

  • Never send sensitive, personal information, security details or credit card numbers by email
  • Never click on a link in an email if you are unsure about it, especially if it asks for personal financial information, this might attempt to install malware on to your computer
  • Make sure you have a spam filter on your email account
  • If you have received any suspicious emails or text messages claiming to be from Royal Mail, you can let the company know by contacting them here: https://tinyurl.com/a3mkmr84

You can also report the scam to Action Fraud here https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/.

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