Sharing the Roads

Sharing the Roads

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all had to accept some restrictions and guidelines that went against some of the normal freedoms we usually experience in this country.

Everyone has largely responded with great community spirit, behaving more considerately towards others with acts of kindness and respect.

So as once-empty roads fill up again with more cars, lorries, motorcyclists, plus many more people now enjoying cycling and walking, the roads and pavements may all be busier. So, it's even more essential that we all slow down and watch out for each other as traffic begins to increase.

Now, as some restrictions are eased, it is important to remember that laws around driving and driver behaviour are there to protect us all.


  • wear your seatbelt
  • don't drink and drive or take drugs and drive
  • stop your car somewhere safe if you need to use your mobile phone when driving
  • drive within the speed limits and adjust that speed according to conditions.

We, at Oxfordshire County Council's Fire & Rescue Service and our colleagues in Thames Valley Police, ask you to look out for each other by being a responsible and considerate road user.

Thank you

Please note: we are unable to reply to this Thames Valley Alert message and any reports of crime should be made by calling 101 or reporting online. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

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Luke Stratford (Police, Comms, HQ South)

Posted: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 09:41 by Joanne Myers

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